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Access this secure website to find out if the Division of Taxation received your return and whether your refund was processed. Another claimant state/city that has a personal income tax set-off agreement with New Jersey. Refer to the processing times below to determine when you should be able to view the status of your refund. Tell us whether you want your refund deposited in your checking or savings account by using the checking or savings account indicator . Depending on the software, you will check a box or indicate your choice with a «Y» or «N.» Make sure you have the correct bank account number and bank routing number before filing your return.

  • Please respond quickly so we can continue processing your return.
  • We do not have any information about these debts.
  • Filing the same tax return again typically won’t speed up your refund, and could even lead to delays.
  • See «What could slow down your refund?» above for more information.
  • These measures may result in refund wait times of more than of 10 weeks.
  • Want to know where your refund is right now?

Refund checks are mailed to your last known address. If you move without notifying the IRS or the U.S.

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Instead , you must code number 588 in one of the code number boxes located to the right of the telephone number area on your return, complete and attach Form 588. If you do not know your bank routing and account numbers, please contact your financial institution.

How long does it take for income tax refund direct deposit?

If you file a complete and accurate paper tax return, your refund should be issued in about six to eight weeks from the date IRS receives your return. If you file your return electronically, your refund should be issued in less than three weeks, even faster when you choose direct deposit.

A paper return received by the Department takes 8 to 12 weeks to process. If you would like to deposit portions of our refund to multiple accounts , do not complete any direct deposit information on your income tax return.

How long does it take to get a tax refund?

Sign up for a MyDORWAY account to view your Notice of Refund Adjustment letter from the SCDOR. See «What could slow down your refund?» above for more information.


You can also file with TurboTax Live Full Service Basic at the listed price. You must enter the exact whole dollar Refund Amount shown on your tax return.

Taxpayers to receive rebates in July

Use Where’s My Refund to check the status of individual income tax returns and amended individual income tax returns you’ve filed within the last year. Enter the whole dollar amount of the refund you requested followed by the # sign. (Do not include cents.) For example, if you requested a refund of $375, enter 375#. You can only check the status of the refund for the current filing season by telephone. Tax refund fraud costs the US billions of dollars every year, so our anti-fraud measures remain aggressive this tax season. We review returns and verify data to ensure that criminals aren’t trying to file a fake return and steal your refund.

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After you have filed your return, you may check the status of your refund on myVTax. ARequest for Informationletter that asks for missing or extra information to support data reported on the tax return. You owe money for past taxes, child support, to another state or federal agency. Those monies will be deducted from your refund until the debt is repaid. You must contact us to check the status of a prior year tax refund. Refund information is updated Tuesday and Friday nights.

Please note that in the best interest of all taxpayers, the Colorado Department of Revenue implements measures to detect and prevent identity theft related refund fraud. Please be aware that these measures, meant to ensure state tax dollars are going to the right person, could delay individual income tax refunds. If you have received a letter requesting that you verify your identity and/or tax return details, it is important that you promptly respond to the letter. Your return was selected for additional review.

  • This information is for general guidance only.
  • There are a few options for you to fix this, depending on the situation.
  • An Identity Verification letter that asks you to take a short online quiz, provide copies of documents to verify your identity, or state that you didn’t file a return.
  • This helps us ensure the right amount of tax is paid or refunded and helps us detect fraudulent returns.
  • Enter the whole dollar amount of the refund you requested followed by the # sign.
  • When this happens, your bank notifies us, and we will manually re-issue your refund as a check.
  • All features, services, support, prices, offers, terms and conditions are subject to change without notice.

This process typically takes 3-6 weeks after the electronic submittal date. The process could take up to 12 weeks if you filed a paper return. Your refund amount may also change if you have a debt due to government agencies or public or private institutions of higher learning. We are authorized to reduce your refund to pay the debt. If all or part of your refund is seized, you will receive a letter with more information including who to contact if you have questions.

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We will Wheres My Tax Refund? How To Check Your Refund Status your State tax return for you to complete using the correct form type before we can process your return. You provided a routing number for a bank located outside the territorial jurisdiction of the United States. Due to electronic banking rules, we cannot make direct deposits to or through international financial institutions.

Why haven’t I got my refund date yet?

An incomplete return, an inaccurate return, an amended return, tax fraud, claiming tax credits, owing certain debts for which the government can take part or all of your refund, and sending your refund to the wrong bank due to an incorrect routing number are all reasons that a tax refund can be delayed.

This Google™ translation feature, provided on the Franchise Tax Board website, is for general information only. Consult with a translator for official business. Please verify the refund amount you have entered and verify that you are using the primary SSN for the return/refund. You may want to try using a Letter ID instead of the refund amount. We found a math error in your return or have to make another adjustment. If the adjustment causes a different refund amount than you were expecting, we will send you a letter to explain the adjustment. US Mastercard Zero Liability does not apply to commercial accounts .